Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Kingfisher close ups

If there is anything predictable about Kingfisher behaviour it must be that they are unpredictable !  I had sight of this female below on eight occasions during the day but waiting for her to perch on her predicted favourite perch to pose for a few remote fired portraits was a tad frustrating as she perched and fished from anywhere but.  Seven and a half hours after starting I finally grabbed the images below as she downed her last fish of the day.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Juvenille Peregrine encounter

I walked the coast path between Porthleven and Rinsey head on what proved to be a lovely sunny day with a light north easterly wind, As I passed the cliffs at Trewavas Head what I believe to be a juvenile Peregrine fledged from a local nest site dropped in on the rugged colourful cliffs below to provide me with the sequence of images posted below,  On its arrival it went through a total body shake - out before some serious preening that was followed by a good chin scratch,  A quick look around was followed by a single wing stretch before taking to the skies once more to vanish along the coatline leaving me way behind, But Happy !!!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Osprey fishing

I went back to Devoran Quay yesterday for more fishing behaviour shots,  The juvenile Osprey was still there and fished twice in a couple of hours but on both occasions it hunted an area down river to the east which meant working against the morning sun which tended to create images in silhouette but I was quite pleased with some results posted below when converted to black and white

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Catch of the Day

An Osprey moves out from the cover of the densely tree lined banks on the south side of the river at Devoran Quay where following a long cold windswept wait for its arrival it rewarded me with my first Osprey hunting photos,  It circled over the water several times searching for fish which when sighted were attacked immediately,  I was ready for this but was totally amazed how hard the bird hit the water penetrating its head, body and feet a foot or so under the water leaving only its wings above in a huge splash zone which created a bizarre image that fits nicely into the sequence of images posted below,  It took the Osprey three attempts before it caught a Mullet and its struggle to exit the drag of the water was something to behold,  It then flew casually back into the tree canopy to devour its 'Catch Of The Day' at a leisurely pace and I headed for home to download my first ever fishing Osprey images,

An amazing encounter with such a powerful Bird of Prey.... Happy Days !!!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kingfisher still showing well

Our local Kingfisher are still showing well with the male and female both seen together during the day,  I repeated the same photographic procedure as described in my recent blog Kingfisher Behaviour and was pleased to capture the sequence of images below showing the Kingfisher dealing with what starts with a very lively small fish that received a severe whacking against the tree stump and very quickly became lunch,  I was 100 metres away on the opposite side of the pond working by remote shutter firing and could not really appreciate the skills of the kingfisher's dispatch until downloading the images this evening

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tehidy Wildlife Country Park - Part Two

Back on the 19th August I posted a small blog relating to a Bank Vole sighting at Ryan's Field in Hayle, At that time I didn't know the difference between a Bank Vole and a Water Vole to ID my subject,  Whilst I read up on the difference between the two I also came across information stating that Bank Vole could swim and surface dive and should not be mistaken for Brown Rats that could swim but not surface dive,  Well if that is the case nobody informed the Brown Rat that I watched surface diving today,

Enter my Brown Rat

Its picked up on the smell of the small pond in the car park at the entrance to Tehidy and it looks like its feet need a bit of a clean up,

It enters the water from a fallen tree

The rat swims out across the pond and then it happens!!  It surface dives and I can see it swimming underwater and manage to catch its sense of enjoyment (seen below) when it resurfaces several metres from where it went under,

It climbs up into pond margin vegetation looking a bit like  ' A Drowned Rat ' but was otherwise very happy,

After posing for a few more images the Rat was raring to go again,

It dived from a thin branch back into the water again and that was the last that I saw of it

It had been nice to share the natural pleasure of Tehidy in perhaps the unlikely company of a Brown Rat which I am sure would not have happened had I not been at a location where the public and wildlife are subjected to closer contact on a daily basis.

Tehidy Wildlife Country Park - Part one

Tehidy Wildlife Country Park attracts many species of wildlife and visitors alike,  I go nowhere near it during any school holiday periods but when the madding crowds of tourists have all gone home it is always worth a visit,  Any wildlife that has not bailed out during the busy tourist time slots has learnt to tolerate having people around them that bring food offerings and will not flee from the occasional local photographer as the image below demonstrates very well


The resident squirrels are a delight and so photogenic to work with

One of three Little Grebes present today puts on a log rolling display

A  Cob Mute Swan was busy demonstrating his superiority around the big pond

This Moorhen seemed to show an interest in my camera as apposed to screaming off across the pond in a mad panic

For my first time I watched this crow with its head underwater successfully fishing for water snails

Not to be ignored this female Kingfisher showed and fished at several locations during my visit and I watched in surprise as a pair of Mallards mated in the water of the main pond !!

For something a little different check out Tehidy Wildlife Country Park - Part two also published today

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Kingfisher Behaviour

During the last couple of days I have been watching the fishing behaviour of a female kingfisher at a set location on a local pond and today I decided to set up my camera on a tripod and use remote camera firing to get close enough to record her movements,  The weather was very up and down with rain and storms one minute and bright sunshine the next so I had to use a degree of exposure automation to compensate for lost control while working away from the camera,   I had been under cover for around four hours when the kingfisher repeated its habits of the previous days and I remotely fired off around 150 images over the coarse of about four to five minutes to record the behaviour shown below,

                                       Portrait of the Kingfisher arriving prior to fishing,

Returning to post with its first fish

Resettles at the same perch point

Shaking the water out of its beak before swallowing the fish

                                                                         Down the hatch !

                                 A complete body shake-out to remove trapped water droplets

                           And a final beak clean off before repeating the whole exercise over again