Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Broad-bodied Chasers at Bartinney Down

The images of both male and female Broad-bodied Chasers posted above and below are of the first sighting that I have had of them this year and I was particularly pleased with the detailed structure shown in the image of the female above,

The Cuckoo are still showing well on the downs and you tend to wonder how they seem to manage to find so many Caterpillars to consume !

And then all is revelled when you come across a willow bush that had five balls of them all coming out and rushing down the branches in the midday sunshine.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Raven's Rabbit

A male Raven flies back to its nest site territory with a young road kill rabbit and starts to remove its fur.

The Raven is joined immediately by his recently fledged brood of three who all start to display there classic red mouthed gape while begging for a share of his prey.

The male Raven reluctantly feeds all of the fledglings with small pieces of flesh.

But he soon seemed to tire of the exercise, He turns back to the rabbit, Rips off its head and flies off to a nearby cliff ledge to consume it.

Perhaps this behaviour was the males way of getting the fledglings to be self sufficient feeders but in this case they all flew off abandoning the prey which was very soon claimed by a pair of local nesting crows with their own hungry chicks to feed.

So perhaps not the brightest of moves from what some people consider to be one of our most intelligent birds !!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Birds, Bees, Butterflies and a bit of bad news

The heath land Cuckoo are covering a larger territory than before but time put into waiting at favoured locations is still coming up with good results.

Walking back from the downs I came across the fence post shown below which was alive and humming with a swarm of passive Honey Bees.  I guess there was a Queen Bee in there some where but I could not find it.

I was pleased with the focus and composition in the mating shot of a pair of Green-veined White butterfly that was taken in a field of mixed Pea and Barley shoots,  It was taken hand held from 3.5 metres on a 500mm Nikon F4 lens with a 1.7 teleconverter fitted.

Far from pleasing was the sight of yet another Longrock Doe Roe Deer which was the victim of road kill near the by-pass roundabout,   I moved the broken necked deer off of the road into a long grass verge leaving nature to do the rest.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Misty Summer Morning

A misty sunrise over Marazion Marsh with the Flora looking at its best on the Cornish stone wall.

The misty sunrise over the hills of Marazion created some lovely atmospheric conditions.

A Grey Heron fishing in the first golden rays of the misty sunrise.

The female Mute Swan has her work cut out early patrolling her Goslings around the marsh.

And just one smart chic has figured out how to get around the easy way.

The adult swan seems to be counting her brood into the water here which might be just as well as she has already lost one of her original brood of seven in the last couple of days.

From Marazion marsh we travelled up to higher ground at Bartinney Down where we worked with Skylarks, Sedge Warblers, Cuckoo and a trio of passing Red Kites.

Midday fox on the prowl

A rather thin looking Fox is out on a rare midday prowl looking for a good meal yesterday.

I had been watching its progress for around ten minutes when a large noisy Raven arrived on the scene.

The Raven was intent on repelling the fox from vicinity of its nest site that was close by in the cliff face.

The Raven was pushing the fox a little to hard  and it turned and snapped at the Raven which instantly backed off enough for the fox to move on.

But the Raven went back on the attack when the fox started to move towards its nest again.

This time the fox turned through 90 degrees and walked away from the raven until they both seemed happy with the distance.

The fox settled down for a bit of a rest before hunger sent it off along the track again still looking for that elusive meal that is rarely easy to find.

Friday, 18 May 2018

A blackbird meets its end

On the south coast today a male Peregrine is perched high on a cliff top watching as always for potential prey flying along the cliffs below.

He spots one of his favourite prey subjects a Black Bird passing bye and launches himself down the cliff face in pursuit,

At the last second the blackbird sees him coming and tries to dive on to a rock ledge for cover but it is too late and the peregrine lifts the blackbird off of the ledge using just one of its lethal sets of talons.

There is no escape for the blackbird which is about to meet its end but nature dictates that this is the way it has to be and the peregrine has to do his best to survive and probably has a family relying on his hunting skills as well !!

Early Marazion Buzzard

An early morning buzzard is out looking for newly risen young bunnies along Marazion marsh.

It calls in at the warren on a regular basis and tends to have just a few chosen vantage points that it works from.

This mornings lookout post was a pile of old cut reeds with which its mottled plumage blends in with very well if the bird stays still,

The Buzzard seemed to be having some trouble regurgitating waste from its previous kill this morning so there was some delay before it went on several short, low and silent flights looking for any unaware young bunnies,

No joy here for the Buzzard this morning which brings the score to :

                                                 BUZZARD: 0 v  RABBITS: free 
 on the early mornings that I have watched so far this month,

So the Buzzard flies off to check out other perhaps greener pastures but it will be back again tomorrow and the day after and will eventually take a few early Bunnies to feed its family.

 Being a fan of young Bunnies I would just as soon not be there !!.