Thursday, 22 March 2018

Ryan's Field Today

I went back to Trewavas cliffs on the south coast again this morning looking for more Kestrel interaction, The male was present and provided me with several take-off sequences but the female was still missing in action and a biting cold onshore wind drove me off of the cliffs far to early.

Following a bite to eat and a fresh flask of tea I headed off to Ryan's field at the  Hayle Estuary on the north coast where its hide would afford me some photography without being subjected to an endurance test.

Subjects worked on included:  A pair of Shell Duck, Bar tailed Godwit, A squadron  of Long tailed Tits,  Fighting Red Shanks and a flock of Black headed Gulls some of which are posted below.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Trewavas Head Today

I returned to Trewavas Head this morning looking for a little more Kestrel interaction,  The male was looking for her around the area for the duration of the four hours that I spent there but the female seemed to be:  Absent without leave !

A pair of Chough put in an appearance from time to time and were at their closest on the top engine house chimney

A lone young bull Grey seal worked its way along the coastline looking for females among the rocky outcrops,
It was round up day for the Shetland ponies that were being moved to a new section of coastal headland by their keepers and there was a merry chase going on with the short legged ponies showing an impressive turn of speed when put under pressure,

The male kestrel like me was missing the interaction and mating sequences provided by the female so lets hope that she is back on show again tomorrow,

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

More Peregrine Behaviour

    A female Peregrine checks out the possibility of using an old Raven nest for this years brood in the image above.   The pair are very active with mating and the male appears to be a good prey provider

     In the image above taken after mating the female is harassing the male to go hunting again and the shot below shows him off to do just that.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Cornish Snow Scenics

Our second bout of snow this march continued until around eight AM this morning and then started to turn towards a rapid thaw so I headed for the high heath land post haste to capture a few snow scenes before it all disappeared.  On route to Men An Tol I passed Lanyon Quiot which produced some nice black and white contrast against the snow and a brightening sky,

The snow covered track up to Men An Tol from Lanyon looked different with a dusting of drifting snow and I just caught the last snow of the melt on a south facing corragated tin roof that was warmed by the returning sunshine,  The Icicles grew quickly and then were all gone within minutes of me taking a few shots

At  Men An Tol the Easterly wind had blasted just the easterly faces of the sign post and the surfaces of the ancient stones with snow to create a very nice photographic feature in particlar around the central circular holed stone which looked akin to a very large Iced Doughtnut Ring!!.

The Bright sunshine enhanced the white world around these stones and I just had to do a selfie through the holed stone before leaving,

I picked off a few shots of the ruins of Coronation farm with its amazing stone walls and also the old Lanyon school house chimney on my way back to the car and by the time I got back to the lower ground around Penzance the snow was already gone so until the next time its back on the case with the local wildlife,

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Mating Kestrel

I worked the south coast from Porthleven to Rinsey early AM this morning looking for Peregrine and Adders before our forecast of snow arrived in west Cornwall,  No joy with either but I did catch sight of a male Kestrel with prey which it took into a cliff ledge at Trewavas head and was joined immediately by a female that took the prey and moved a few metres away to consume it,   The male moved closer up the cliff face towards me and settled down and a few minutes later the female flew up to a pinnacle even closer to me and called the male to mate  The male responded as soon as the female called and I captured the whole sequence and eighty nine sharp images in the prevailing good light levels,   Happy Days !!!

Its 1.30 PM and the snow is coming down quite heavily at the moment so out and about activities might be a bit curtailed tomorrow

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Peregrine Behaviour

                                A high flying female Peregrine goes into a steep swooping dive

     The same female sees the male returning with prey and takes off to claim her share of the prise

                                       A male Peregrine leaves the cliffs to hunt prey

                                        He returns to hand over the prey to the waiting female

                                         She goes for the prey but he resists handing it over

                                         He finally give in and presents it to her beak to beak

                  After the prey hand -over the female lowers her head and call to the male to mate

      But he has his sights firmly fixed on a pair of perhaps a little fool hardy inquisitive Jackdaw

         He finally makes a near vertical powerful take off to rejoin the female high up on the cliffs