Thursday, 13 July 2017

Inflight sex can be risky

No I'm not referring to any attempt to join the 'Mile High Club' over the Atlantic here, Just relating to Dragonfly life on one of our local ponds where I watched an aerial mating go wrong yesterday,  As this pair of Emperor Dragonflies linked up in a wheel formation it all seemed to go haywire and the pair crash landed in the pond,  I took eighty four images of them trying to escape the drag of the water over the next 30 seconds or so during which time the will to mate was so strong that they remained locked in the wheel position but it all ended OK when the wind eventually blew them both against a small group or reeds at which time they released each other to escape up the stems,  The male looked all set to give it another go but the female flew off leaving him to consider any improvements he might make to his 'Inflight sex skills' !

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