Sunday, 20 August 2017

Barn Owl portraits

When it comes to achieving good portraits of Barn Owls in the wild,Two things tend to stand in your way.  The early morning and late evening restricted light availability being a nightmare for good exposure being the first. And secondly the fact that you are dealing with a subject with acute senses of both sound and vision,  The use of long lenses, camo gear and good field skills seems to be called for here but camouflaged clothing is a bit like ivy and tends to grow all over anything that does not move,      Judging by the images below I might have been sat in this hedgerow a tad to long....

But if this is what you have to do to create close portraits without disturbing your subject then so be it,  I have posted some results from the last few days below along with some details of the setting required to achieve reasonable exposures in the prevailing conditions.

17.40Pm   F4   ISO 5600   1/1250sec on  Nikon 500mm lens,

Detail as the above image

17.16PM  F4   1/1250sec  ISO3200   Nikon 500mm lens

Details as above image

17.15 Pm   F4   1/1250sec   ISO 1400   Nikon 500mm lens

06.53AM   F4  1/2000sec  ISO6400   Nikon 500mm lens

Details as above image

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  1. Excellent work Alan, great subject to photograph