Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Kingfisher Behaviour

During the last couple of days I have been watching the fishing behaviour of a female kingfisher at a set location on a local pond and today I decided to set up my camera on a tripod and use remote camera firing to get close enough to record her movements,  The weather was very up and down with rain and storms one minute and bright sunshine the next so I had to use a degree of exposure automation to compensate for lost control while working away from the camera,   I had been under cover for around four hours when the kingfisher repeated its habits of the previous days and I remotely fired off around 150 images over the coarse of about four to five minutes to record the behaviour shown below,

                                       Portrait of the Kingfisher arriving prior to fishing,

Returning to post with its first fish

Resettles at the same perch point

Shaking the water out of its beak before swallowing the fish

                                                                         Down the hatch !

                                 A complete body shake-out to remove trapped water droplets

                           And a final beak clean off before repeating the whole exercise over again

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