Monday, 28 August 2017

Fishing for wildlife

Fishing is a sport that goes very much hand in hand with wildlife encounters,  Early mornings and late evenings come up with lots of wildlife opportunities around the water line. Swallows are in abundance during the evening, skimming the water in numbers as they flock up prior to migration,  last night I watched as a female sparrow hawk took on the challenge of trying to catch one on two occasions. It failed but what an amazing spectacle to witness.The resident Kingfisher often puts in an appearance fishing from favoured perch points both AM and PM . The Moorhen both young and old have taken very kindly to hand outs of Bakers dog biscuits that I use as floating bait and they can't wait for me to leave before scavenging the bank for stray biscuits.

Other wildlife often seen include Squirrels and Green woodpecker and during September there is always the chance of a stop over to feed for migrating Osprey so watch this space,  Not forgetting the fishing !  The portrait of yours truly with a 1lb Roach was taken by Peter Tonkin,  The trio of Golden Rudd and Roach below weighed in at 1lb to 1.5lb and the Roach below that was my best fish last week at 2.25lb

Bring on the Osprey!!

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