Thursday, 22 December 2016

Bartinney Dog fox

No Short -eared Owl at Bartinney Down today but my consolation  prize came by way of a fine dog Fox which came into the main rough grass fields to hunt for vole,  I have seen this particular fox work its way up towards the top of the down before but this time I got lucky as it gradually worked its way towards the pond at the bottom of the down where I was concealed in an overgrown corner Hedgerow,  I took plenty of images as the fox moved forward as I realised that the wind direction was from behind me and it would not be long before I was rumbled by the fox's keen sense of smell.

Dog Fox enters the field and is soon on the prowl

The fox gives chase to a vole but misses it on this occasion

Moving closer now but still concentrating on the Vole population

At around forty feet the fox crosses my scent trail and I've been rumbled

Just time for one more Portrait image and then the fox turns and retreats back up the field

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