Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Roe Deer through the year

The first Roe Deer I saw in Cornwall was six years ago which happened while photographing a family of young fox cubs playing in a field opposite the Cheshire Home at Marazion,  A Doe Roe deer suddenly appeared from the hedgerow,  First studied and then slowly walked right up to and smelt the young fox cubs before moving along the hedgerow to browse,  Ever since that day I have worked on many deer at this location and had as many as eleven present in the field on one occasion.  You have to be an 'early bird' and good field skills are required if the deer are not to be quickly spooked,  If they know you are there they will go,  I have learnt to consider wind direction for my scent, Use high hedgerows for cover, Keep still and quiet,  avoid bright clothing and strange as it might sound I take my images as traffic passes,  The Deer take little or no notice of passing traffic and the noise drowns out my shutter action, Adopting this manner I have worked with the deer for up to two hours and photographed them from just four meters away on the opposite side of the hedgerow whilst hardily daring to breath !

These three Doe are sporting their thick grey winter coat and one of them has picked up on the sound of my shutter action,  The trick is not to take any more images until she starts to feed again.
The resident Buck patrolling his patch
A feeding Doe in summer colours Taken from just six meters
Second year young Buck and Doe play mating
Doe Roe deer with day old twin kids

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