Thursday, 29 December 2016

Boxing day Peregrine

Fresh air and exercise was the order of the day for Heather and I on boxing day to work off all those Xmas day excesses,  A walk along the south coast from Rinsey towards Porthleven was just the job, I stopped off at Trewavas farm to clear a favoured stone wall lie of this years bramble growth in anticipation of early Adder during January,  Moving on the local Kestrel were successful hovering and hunting for Vole and we finally caught up with a quite familiar pair of Peregrine,  The male was a little anti-social and departed post hast but the female is always more laid back and retained her Granite perch for around a hour before eventually flying off to join the male.

Ever tried staring out a Peregrine ?

Foot down and tail raised,  it must be time to go

Limbering up she then just drops off the back of the rock and away

So I guess its time to return home for cold meats and Bubble & Squeak !

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