Sunday, 18 December 2016

Bittern at Marazion Marsh

I always look forward to the yearly challenge of first sighting and perhaps more demanding photographing a Bittern at Marazion Marsh reserve as the winter sets in,  This year the bittern count seems to just one individual that given the size of the marsh reed beds it has little reason to fly while spotting one amid the reeds is an art in itself,  Time and patience seem to be the way forward with a bit of luck thrown in to be in the right place at the right time,  My first image this year came on the 7th November at 9am  after an input of waiting time totalling twenty one hours for a 20 second fly-over but then there was a return flight less than 30 minutes later, 

Bittern flight over the reed beds

Return flight closer to the waterline

No Bittern in the reed beds so far this year but the above image was gifted to me by a bittern that climbed up the reeds directly in front of me on Longrock pond last winter 

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