Friday, 23 December 2016

Marazion Marsh 'Heron Central'

Yesterday morning I made one of my regular visits to Marazion marsh  RSPB looking for a bittern fly-by or perhaps something a little more unusual,   I was joined at the front viewing recess by a lady birder relating to four Heron being on show along the warren with the comment " This must be Heron Central"  No sooner said another Heron flew into the mix,  It was good to hear a visitor being so enthusiastic at the sight of such a large photogenic bird descending into the Marsh,  Bittern 0 Heron 5 so why not take a few more Heron images,

Heron flights over the Marsh are a common sight but it was nice to see a visitor so enthusiastic at the sight of such a large bird descending into the reeds

The early morning sun rises high enough to light this relaxed Heron

With little wind the calm waters of the Marsh create excellent rippled and mirror like reflections

How about just taking the Heron reflection or is this a step to far

While creating this blog I remembered  this heron Landing that I enthused about during 2015 but struggled to select just one of these three images,  my answer was to merge them all into one montage landing sequence,

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