Monday, 8 May 2017

Focus on Wheal Edward

I have been out and about with underwater and landscape Photographer Ed Whiting throughout the weekend working on various subjects at random locations which terminated at the perhaps fitting location of Wheal Edward as Sunday drew to a close,  We had gone there with star trail photography in mind as a clear sky was on the cards but as we arrived early were spent some time on local wildlife including the fine Slow Worm portrait posted below,

As time got closer to sunset banks of sea mist started to roll in on the onshore light wind which while creating a dramatic sunset scene it also put a question mark against later star trail work but if you can't beat them work with them so the sunset became our subject for a while

As the sun reached the horizon the sea mist began to lift quiet quickly and clear skies started to emerge from the gloom making things look more promising for a star trail finish to the weekend so I took one final selfie while watching the sun go down and then turned my attention to the stars

Having selected my composition on the engine house I took a few single time exposures as it got darker with the engine house  strongly illuminated by a high full moon and was lucky enough to record an asteroid to the right of the mine in the image below,

So with my composition selected I set my remote timers for 200 images at f2.8 and 20 seconds shutter exposure and ISO 400,  Pressed the button and sat in my folding directors chair for just over an hour and amused myself counting satellite passes as the camera clicked away producing the exposures for my star trail images,  The final composite image below was compiled using a piece of star trail software on arrival back home and finally completed around 3.30 AM this morning.

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