Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rare Otter sighting

It was a wet murky day here in Cornwall yesterday and not very conducive for photography but I had heard via the grapevine that an Otter had been sighted a few times over several days at an undisclosed Cornish location so I went along to try my luck which seemed to be good for on this occasion as I had this fine Otter in my viewfinder within twenty minutes of my arrival

 It was soon quite obvious that the Otter was on a fishing mission as I watched it diving and returning to the surface with Sticklebacks time after time as can be seen in the image below

I watched its behaviour over the course of the next three hours during which it went through three cycles of fishing for around thirty minutes then disappearing for around the same amount of time in between,

This behaviour seemed to suggest the delightful prospects that it might have a family of kits hidden in the area that it was secretly feeding them before returning to fishing once more,
I watched this Otter take over a dozen fish within the timescale of my visit and wondered how long the location might be capable of sustaining this level of predation
This otter certainly put on a fine show for me which could only be bettered by her having two or three kits in tow  learning their own fishing skills,  I wish!

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