Friday, 26 May 2017

Peregrine Strike

Today I was out enjoying our rugged coastline along with a couple of members of the notorious Cornish Camo Club, We witnessed a Peregrine give chase to an unfortunate unidentified bird that passed by the cliffs that she was perched on, 

The chase went on for half a mile along the coastline and we thought that was to be the end of our sighting but the birds turned around over a beach and came racing back in our direction where the peregrine made a dramatic kill amid  an explosion of lost prey feathers right in front of our viewpoint,

As we watched this brutal act of nature open mouthed the peregrine started to eat her prey on the  wing but with such a large prey item she finally flew to a rock crevice and stashed her prey  presumably to consume later as she then returned to another vantage point on the cliffs close by

What an amazing bird of prey !

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