Thursday, 18 May 2017

Longrock Roe Deer at sunrise

With a clear early morning sky and sunrise at 5.30am it had to be a good morning to check out our local Roe Deer at Longrock,  I arrived just as the first rays of sunlight spread over the far side of the field and a fine doe jumped out from the woodland cover,

Once the female started moving around to feed on the grasses and hedgerow I could clearly see  from the image below that she was heavily pregnant and should be ready to give birth in the next couple of weeks

I watched her grazing for a while and could see her eyes and ears pick up as she heard something moving farther along the woodland hedgerow and a few minutes later out popped one of her last years kits,
All of our Roe Deer now have fine new summer coats that look lovely in the morning sunshine and my parting shot was taken as the mother moved along the field to rejoin her offspring

I came away leaving them to enjoy their morning and drove home contemplating the delights that I had experienced in previous years when the new kids finally arrive.

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