Monday, 15 May 2017

My Cornish garden

Following a lovely sunny sunday morning which I spent watching Merlin, skylark and Peregrine along the north coast with a couple of members of 4C The 'Cornish Camo Camera Corp'  I returned home for a traditional sunday lunch and an afternoon lazing in my Cornish garden, Well that's what I thought !

                    My wife had other ideas,  she is currently studying textile and Ceramic art and design at Camborne college and soon had me taking pictures of some of her artwork for a forthcoming end of year exhibition,

A couple of hours later I finally made it into our garden to relax,  Not a chance !  We have some fine mature Golden Orfe in our garden Pond and they choose this warm sunny afternoon to spawn turning the normally quiet  water into a boiling cauldron that just could not be ignored so out came the camera once again,

The fish went on for hours creating a natural spectacle that was a joy to watch,  Then Heather suggested that she would like an arty image of our Blue tits coming out of their fence line nest box while we had the camera in the garden,

Next thing I know the alarm bells are ringing on our cooker informing me that it was about time that I was dishing up the sunday roast,  Is a mans work never finished !!  I finally sat down to watch the Spanish F1 grand prix and yes you guessed it,  I fell asleep in the chair before the end of a very exciting race,   Thank goodness for the catch up button  Happy Days!

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