Saturday, 13 May 2017

Local Fox visit our garden

Ever Since we built our home here in Rosudgeon we have had fox's foraging around the garden each evening and too date we have had the pleasure of watching five sets of cubs being introduced to the fall out nuts and scraps from our bird feeders,  Last night heather thought she caught sight of this years cubs as we prepared for bed so I decided to wait with a camera set up inside of out lounge to try to capture a few images,  I only worked with a camera without flash on a tripod so had to rely on outside tungsten patio lights and high ISO and low shutter speed so any results would be grainy  but I figured that if any cubs were seen I would set things up properly outside on another evening using a pair of remote flash guns and remote camera firing to improve on the picture quality,  Our resident pair of fox put in several shows but any cubs were kept well out of sight for the moment  so we will keep an eye out for them and post up any sightings as the days go by,


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