Friday, 9 June 2017

Cornish Peregrine fledge

Today was a big day for a couple of Peregrine fledglings that have been limbering up over the last couple of days preparing for their maiden flights,

First one bird and then the other were going through wing stretching and flapping exercises and getting ready for take-off,

Eventually both birds were flapping and shouting while working themselves up for the big moment as they got ever closer to a 100 foot cliff edge

And this is the moment as one of the pair throws itself off of the cliff for its first flight

After completing an impressive half circle out over the sea it heads back towards the cliffs calling to the other birds before making a clumsy crash landing on the other side of the cove,

The second bird followed the first into the air within a few minutes and took a similar flight path during which it managed to gain some height to land on the top of the cliff edge some two hundred metres away from its starting point,

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