Friday, 23 June 2017

Orange browed Starlings

When I arrived home from a photo trip Pm yesterday my wife Heather hurriedly informed me that we had a new species of orange browed Starling fledglings feeding around our patio area before my return and she thought that they would probably be back,  I set up my camera in the lounge as it was now raining again outside so any shots achieved would be taken through wet glass but it was worth trying,  Sure enough the flock of orange browed fledglings returned guided by a parent bird to feed around our feeders creating the opportunity for a few ID portrait images,  It all seemed very interesting,  I had heard and seen Rose coloured starlings before But Orange Browed !!

Around ten minutes later all was to be revealed when first the adult and then all of the fledglings flew up onto a newly opened Cordyline flower head which had formed for the first time in our garden in eight years,  All immediately pushed their heads into the new flowers while brushing their wet heads over the prominent orange flower stamens,   Mystery solved !!


  1. I have seen the same birds in Newquay. May i send you a photo?!

    Kind regards

    Tracy Parkinson

  2. Just seen one in our garden thought it was just a starling till the orange cap flashed. Makes a change to the normal mental black Starlings.