Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fox cub family

Ever since moving to Cornwall we have had a family of fox foraging our garden on a nightly basis and we have seen many families of cubs raised every year,  This year the appearance of the cubs was late by comparison to other years so we were very pleased when they started to show, with inclement weather curtailing much of my other wildlife projects I decided to build a temporary weather proof camera hide about a metre from a chosen focal point, set up my camera with a 14-24mm wide angle lens and see what I could achieve with wet fox cubs,  Over two nights and ten hours of waiting I managed to put together the range of portraits below starting with one fox and finally managing to get all four cubs in a frame together facing the right way,  

These fox cubs are a joy to watch but tricky to when it comes to good portraits,   I hope the weather improves shortly so that I can get back to a few earlier nights sleep !!

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