Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Wind swept Cornish coastline

Following forty eight hours of high winds the seas around the Cornish coast were raging today creating an awesome spectacle for those walkers who braved the coastal footpaths

I saw a large mature Grey seal that showed no concern as it negotiated its way skilfully between shallow white water and jagged black rocks

I do not know why the little balls of spotted fluff that are Black back Gull chicks are not just blown off of high exposed rocks where I could not stand due to the strength of the wind

This female Kestrel hangs head motionless on the vertical cliff up-draughts while hunting by courtesy of the wind with little or no effort required for flight

A female Peregrine picks a spot to shelter from the elements where her plumage colours fade into the dramatic rock formation where she will remain unseen by those that did not see her land

No two days are the same around our coastline but nature seems to have a way of coping with all of them !

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