Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Longrock at sunrise

It was a magnificent sunrise on a lovely windless day over the freshly  cut silage fields of Longrock this morning,  I called in looking for Roe deer kids which should be born by now but no show,  I spent some time taking images of young rabbits that were foraging close to the hedgerows with the early sun shining through their ears and sparkling on the dew covered grasses,

A second year doe Roe Deer was next to arrive on the scene which showed some interest in the feeding rabbits before moving along the hedgerow towards me and a bank of Cow parsley that was her favourite feeding station

The following three images are full frame taken using a Nikon 500mm f4 prime lens with a 1.4 converter fitted and my D4s set to DX,

I took around thirty single mirror-up images of this doe before quietly withdrawing  unseen to leave her to feed and arrived back home at 7.30am with that privileged feeling that comes from working with such fine Cornish wildlife,

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