Monday, 16 January 2017

Birds of Prey today

Birds of prey seemed to be the order of the day at Rinsey on the south coast,  Shortly after leaving the car park heading east towards Porthleven my first photo opportunity came by way of a Buzzard using a low level gate post as a vantage point to hunt vole, As I took a few shots it was harassed by a crow that seemed determined to move it on but the buzzard was having none of it and within a minute or so it dropped onto its prey in the field leaving the crow with the post.

Moving on along the coast path I watched a familiar Kestrel hunting over fields for ten minutes, Having no luck it swooped back out over Trewavas cliffs to land at one of its clifftop vantage points about twenty yards in front of me and my second bird of prey was in the bag.

I sat watching the Kestrel for a while waiting for a Take-off shot when the familiar sight of a peregrine flew low over the sea around the cliff face and seemed to rise effortlessly up to a predictable perch point producing a graceful and well controlled landing and my third bird of prey for the day.

The south coast was a joy today being well protected from the Northerly winds,  Add to that wonderful bird life on show and I went home counting my blessings!

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