Monday, 9 January 2017

Ryan's field

The Eric Grace memorial hide is just a ten minute drive away from my home,  Its a great location for regular rare sightings,  I also use it quite often on wet days when the wind is blowing south-east through to south-west as the hide and the tidal field water remain protected and calm in these conditions,  Today was one of those days and I popped round to the hide at first light, 
Light levels were low but very few locations would have yielded calm water reflections in the current weather conditions on subjects such as this foraging Redshank,

As the light levels improved  a little I worked on this fine black-tailed Godwit as it worked its way along the water margins eventually foraging in front of the hide

A little Egret was the next arrival,  It landed as is quite common place just fifteen meters in front of the hide in fairly heavy rain and went straight into this shake-out  mode to remove water from its very fine and immaculate plumage,  It then went about catching its Breakfast and I went home for mine

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