Sunday, 8 January 2017

Just Passing

Low cloud and Cornish missal closed in over Bartinney down by 14.30 today bringing an end to any chance of Short-eared owl Photography for the day,  Heading towards home I passed longrock fields and noticed a flock of 35 Curlew feeding,  Light levels were low and evening mist was forming which would demand high ISO and slow shutter speed camera exposure settings but I decided to give it a go,

The Curlew stopped feeding,  A sure sign that my presence was rumbled and as I took my first images the entire flock departed but all was not lost,

As the birds went up so did the head of a Roe deer that I had not previously seen hunkered down in the hedgerow behind them

As the deer stood up I noticed that she had already started to moult her winter coat very early which detracted from gaining a pleasing image but she started to scratch around her neck area where the moulting fur was obviously itching and it was nice to catch the moment when she found the right spot

When she finally moved away fifteen minutes later the results of her scratching were very clearly visible but she seemed quite happy as indeed was I and we both went on our way.

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