Sunday, 1 January 2017

Longrock Roe Deer reaction to a frosty morning

It is perhaps quite rare in our area to witness Roe deer reacting to their usually green grass feeding fields at Longrock,  On 29th December early AM there had been a hard frost which turned the lush field grass snow white to create a strong photogenic contrast to the local Roe deer as they emerged from woodland cover to feed,  An older doe started feeding straight away but her now six month old weaned twin kids rejected the strange frozen grass and started to pester the doe to suckle,

The twin kids rejected the frozen white grass looking around for the normal lush green breakfast

They soon began to pester the doe to suckle

She chased them off unable to provide them with milk at this time

They still pestered her only to be chased off again,

And this time the other doe in the field reacted to the commotion as well with all seven deer chasing each other around the snow white field creating a lovely local early morning wildlife spectacle

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