Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Roe Deer at Tehidy Country Park

Having heard that Roe Deer were sighted in the fields at Tehidy Country Park from time to time, I completed a daytime recky to check out the area prior to an early AM visit this morning,  It was a perfect cold frosty morning with little or no wind at dawn as I settled into my chosen watch point, The dawn light and sunrise behind a distant treeline created a magical morning setting within which I waited for Roe Deer sightings.

My first Roe Deer Sighting came within thirty minutes when I spotted a familiar buff coloured rump moving along a far dark hedgerow But low light and distant subjects don't make for good pictures so I held off and waited quietly for a better opportunity,  The first deer seemed to vanish but within ten minutes I could see three doe Roe deer in the same location, light levels were beginning to improve but the deer were still to far away but then something spooked them from the farm buildings behind the treeline and all three came galloping in my direction covering three to four hundred yards very quickly,   Now I was in business and able to fire off twenty to thirty quiet single shots before they ambled back towards the treeline,   Yippee!

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