Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Day with the Jay

Spent most of the day at Tehidy Country Park yesterday, Went looking for the Nuthatch but no show,  Compensation came in the form of six Jay at various locations around the park and it was nice to see the ever inquisitive birds gradually moving towards me instead or the retreating flights at first contact that most woodlands provide, I finished my visit working on the ever popular Kingfisher that was actively fishing on the small pond in the carpark area

This bird provided the opportunity to capture a tricky landing shot while trying to retrieve a floating monkey nut from one of the ponds

Ever the opportunist,  This Jay was waiting for his moment  to nick peanuts being randomly scattered by youngsters feeding the squirrel

This cheeky chap nicked every nut that I pressed into the bark of a prominent tree trunk and if you can't beat them shoot them,

Out of time to post the Kingfisher but off to do some more today and post them this evening

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