Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tehidy Kingfisher

The winter resident female Kingfisher was the 'Star of Tehidy' yesterday. Knowing locals drove into the car park to select free drive-in parking just two metres from the waters edge to wait for the days performance,  Perhaps the star of the show was a little late arriving on this occasion but it was well worth the wait,  The stage is set by way of a tranquil clear circular pond with overhanging and fallen birch trees from which the Kingfisher selects its 'Catch of the day',

Entering stag left,  This colourful female shapes up and is ready to dive

First fish of the day may be a small one but its only a 'starter'

She moves to an alternative branch showing her true colours

The next fish is lively as she skilfully controls its turning

What a performer,  She takes a last Bow

Taking a break on a favoured Pampus  before the next performance.

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