Saturday, 14 January 2017

Peregrine swoop montage

I have been out along the south coast checking for early adders at a few local hot spots and no I have not lost my marbles,  Last year I found two on the 25th January following a frost and they were recorded as the earliest UK sighting for 2016,  None today but a male Peregrine that I often work with made two shows and on the second it treated me to a swooping dive from a high vantage point on vertical cliffs,
A fine male Peregrine on a high vantage Point

It had spotted potential prey flying down the cliff face and looks ready to Strike

The Peregrine uses its powerful legs to launch itself off of the clifftop

It starts to turn down into a swoop

 and quickly descends out of my line of vision below the cliff line which was a little disappointing but it was an exciting experience to watch how quickly the Peregrine responded to a potential meal,  I felt that my images lacked the full story here so  decided to create a montage of the last three images to emphasise the movement,

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