Friday, 17 March 2017

Cornish Kestrels part 13

The day started off just fine,  A calm morning with a colourful dawn and sunrise so I started early with the intention of revising my approach to capturing images of our currently camera shy Male Kestrel on the south coast, The female Kestrel 'Kate' was in residence preening and posing as usual, but the illusive Male 'Kevin' was not on the scene but I carried on setting up for a remote shutter firing exercise and retreated farther back to test it,  Did it fire, Did it hell! I checked all the connections, Checked the settings and changed the batteries all round but could not get any response, So the best laid plans etc all went to the wall and I reverted back to my standard methods and took some more images of a very obliging Kate before retreating home for a little repair work on my remote assembly.

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