Friday, 24 March 2017

Greylag portraits

I called in at Newtown lane on my way to St Erth to pick up my wife this evening, Two female Roe Deer were feeding in the far corner but it was a bit of a long shot,  Perhaps more of interest was a fine pair of Greylag Geese within twenty meters of the road hedgerow where I had just parked before realising they were there,  I quietly removed my camera assemble from the boot, set it up and took a few quick images to adjust my settings while expecting some response from the birds as my shutter fired,  not a bit of it, sure they looked up to see what I was all about and then carried on feeding on the lush green grass,

Several full frame portraits later they were still quite relaxed so I decided to push my luck by moving  closer by moving along the hedgerow and the birds keep on feeding as I got more shots taken
I moved on along to the very closest point where the hedgerow was much lower meaning that I was in full view down to my waist at which time I certainly expected some response from the birds and I would like to have taken a few  Greylag take-off images which is when their attractive plumage is shown at its best. 

Far from being disturbed the closest bird above just stopped feeding and stared at me while presenting the opportunity for some close up head portraits with lovely neck feather formations and when I turned my attention to the second bird below I was just in time to see it nodding-off to sleep,  No stress there then !  And certainly no take-off images but I did before I was late for my pick-up.

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