Sunday, 26 March 2017

Wheal Prosper Star Trail

This image of Wheal Prosper near Rinsey car park was taken between 11pm and 0.40 am on what was a clear dark night without any moonlight. The only artificial light used came from my mobil phone torch within the picture composition and was captured on a single time exposure of thirty seconds.  The star trail is formed by 188 registered thirty second images which have been stacked and merged along with the first image using Startrail 2.3 software The total exposure time was one hour forty minutes,  I love the challenge of producing an interesting image in such dark conditions and in this particular image the aim was to seek out the northern pole star so as to place the axis point over the top of Wheal Prosper chimney stack. There is a crank in the star trail registration as I had to wipe away early morning due collecting on my 14-24mm wide angle lens optics part way through the exercise but I can live with that  rather than a fogged image  It is now 3.45am and way past time I was in bed   Good Night!

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