Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Woodpecker 'Drumming' the Hide

It might sound pretty unlikely but while I was enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the hid at Stithians southern cut-off hide early AM yesterday morning,  The peace was shattered by the surprisingly loud hollow piercing sound of an unseen  male Great Spotted woodpecker 'Drumming' on the top outer front corner section of the hide on the right hand side just two meters from my head,  The bird was obviously not aware of my presence as it returned to repeat this performance twice more within the following hour,  No 'drumming' images I'm afraid but I did get a nice portrait shot when it turned its attention to the feeders. 

The 'drumming' had not been in vain as the female turned up shortly afterwards to see what all the noise was about, She also provided a good portrait from the far nicer feeder restructured position.

A male Bullfinch also put in an appearance
demonstrating it acrobatic capabilities to reach difficult blackberry seeds

One of the local Magpie which normally avoid the hide when viewers are present also came in to gain a little attention, 

What was intended as a quick visit became a five hour epic but Hey 'Its a lovely way to spend your Day!'

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