Saturday, 8 April 2017

Cornish Kestrel part 16

Kestrel sun rise !
I made an early visit to our Kestrels today looking to make the most of the lovely morning light,  As soon as I arrived I could see that Katie was perhaps sitting on an egg on her concealed scrape looking quite relaxed,

Around thirty minutes later she rose for a stretch to reveal one lovely speckled brown egg beneath her and called to her mate presumably for breakfast,

Not for the first time she looked beautiful basking in the morning sun while watching me watching her,

The next 10 days could see as many as five more eggs added to the single one showing in the rounded scrape behind her in the final image below,

Perhaps not the final image for as I prepared to leave the cove a pod of around seven feeding bottlenose dolphin including at least one youngster past by, The shot was taken hand held with the dolphin around 400m away using my 500mm lens  + 1.4 converter so not perhaps the best image ever but good enough to set the scene of a lovely spring morning,

What a cracking way to start a new day !

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