Friday, 14 April 2017

Reed nesting Heron revisited

Reed nesting Heron revisited

Back on the 10th February I published a blog relating to Grey Heron nesting behaviour at Marazion marsh,  Yesterday I returned to check out their progress and was pleased to see a couple young Heron heads bobbing about just above the top of the nest,

I decided to wait to try to capture some feeding behaviour then the adult birds returned and in the mean time the young birds became more active as they became more hungry and provided me with a few more full portrait images, wing flapping exercises and as they became even more hungry over the next hour one young bird was begging for food from the other.

Both of the adult birds were busy fishing around the margins of the marsh during this period with the female looking good during a brief show of sunshine,

She was the first to fly to the nest to feed the young birds about One and a half hours after my arrival. She kept her head high perhaps to avoid the two jabbing beaks that were being thrust towards her  head, this made the young birds stretch to maximum height while calling for food,

The female departed to continue fishing as soon as both youngsters had been fed and about fifteen minutes later the Male adult returned to the nest with more food,

As the male arrives at the nest we once again have a repeat performance with the young birds stabbing at the Male's beak and head while he holds his head high forcing them to stretch for food,

Both birds seemed to be content at this stag even if they do have a face that "Only a Mother could love"

Like the female the male flies off to resume fishing for the next meal,   All in all this feeding activity was a joy to spend time watching for a couple of hours while most visitors rushed by to catch a boat across to St Michel's Mount paying them no heed!

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