Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunrise at Marazion Marsh

When I arrived at Marazion marsh the sun was just climbing up over the horizon, A lazy morning mist filtered through the reed beds, There was little to no wind so the still waters of the marsh produced perfect reflections to the still sleeping resident Mute Swans illustrated below,

A Grey Heron flew in and after warming up in the early sun it was time to provide Breakfast for two Hungry chicks on a reed nest at the west end of the marsh,

The rabbits along the warren began to emerge from there burrows and the sun light filtered nicely through their translucent  pink ears

The resident swan had been woken by a pair of incoming noisy Canada geese that just had to be evicted immediately

The stone wall snails all along the marsh boundary were all quietly rushing back into rock crevices to avoid the harsh rays as the sun climbed higher,

A young lady ventured out onto the adjacent beach on a pony as I was leaving,  It obviously didn't like the wave action of the sea and it was interesting to watch the rider patiently trying to coax the pony into the shallows, No joy !

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