Monday, 17 April 2017

Longrock Roe Deer

Longrock Roe Deer,

Early on a very quiet Easter Sunday morning I spotted three Roe deer grazing on the near side of the field adjacent to Newtown lane opposite Cheshire homes.  I parked away from the location, assembled my camera system and walked very quietly back along the road side hedgerow to within thirty yards of their location before setting my tripod ready to take a few shots,  I recognised these deer as a mother and her young of last year and I new that at this short distance my cover would be blown due to shutter noise once I took a shot,  I waited for what seemed like an eternity for passing traffic to drown out the noise but eventually achieved the pleasing image below of them watching as a car passed by,

With a few shots in the can I tried out my single shutter noise theory and the deer were straight on to me and made an immediate quick exit out of the field,

Thinking that was it for this morning I shouldered my kit to walk away when a fourth deer sauntered out from a blind spot in  the hedgerow right in front of me,   Far from being spooked it continued to eat selected fresh vegetation from between the long grasses just ten yards in front of me,  Resetting my camera I was able to take images of this rough looking doe which seemed preoccupied with feeding for the next fifteen minutes and I was even able to use the hedgerow as cover to pass by for a better camera angle.

The deer was now walking slowly towards me while randomly feeding on route and was back within the ten yards range when I moved slightly to achieve this portrait image below and spooked it.

This time the deer responded as the others had predictable done and was off  across the field in seconds leaving me with the parting shot below of another memorable encounter.

I dropped back down to the Roe deer field after publishing this blog early this morning,  No doe's about but the resident Buck moved across the field looking like he owned the place,  I took a few shots when he stopped just before Newtown lane Hedgerow which he effortlessly jumped shortly afterwards and ran down the road and jumped over the gate into Marazion marsh,  what a supurb animal !!

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