Saturday, 22 April 2017

Grey Day Blues,

Grey Day Blues,

Following what had been a beautiful clear sky last night,  The clouds rolled in from the north this morning killing off what could have been a cracking sunrise, So as I arrived at our local Roe deer location at Longrock early AM the light levels were going down instead of up and the only way to achieve reasonable shutter speeds on the deer was at the cost of high ISO levels of 6400,  Two Roe deer in the field were about two thirds of the way through moulting their winter coat but still looked quite pleasing,  The first deer looked up at the sound of my shutter firing a single shot but stood her ground but the second one was away still chewing a mouthful of grass,  her withdraw spooked the first deer which ran off after the second so that was the end of today's deer shoot !


I decided to withdraw as well and went off to try check out our south coast kestrels, The female was sitting tight on her clutch of six eggs which can look lovely at sunrise which is the only time that the sun is at the right angle to shine into the nest,  but not so today,  It was all looking a bit grey in there but I waited for around an hour for the female to lift off of the eggs to make sure that all was well and grabbed the high ISO images below before heading off  home for some high ISO breakfast,

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