Friday, 7 April 2017

Mating Cornish kestrels part 15

Mating Cornish Kestrel

Well it has been six weeks since the 23rd of February when I first saw and photographed our Cornish Kestrels mating this year and even that was a very average record image,  They have certainly given me the run around ever since but today I was finally in the right place at the right time to capture one of their brief unions,  The image below shows our male kestrel responding to the females call and arriving near the nest site.

The female calls again from just four metres away and the birds begin mating immediately

I was delighted with the image below showing eye contact between the mating pair and for once my camera and the sunlight were both from more favoured angles

Their brief union is over within a few seconds but I was also pleased to capture the parting images shown below as they separated.  These moments are rare and I just have to make the most of documenting these behaviour shots when they do eventually come along !

Looking back at last years records the first egg laid at our nest site was on the 3rd April so I am hoping that this years egg laying sequence should start shortly after which our pair should prove to be more photographically productive around the nest site during their egg protection period with frequent prey hand overs etc..

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  1. Some of the best pictures so far from your Kestrel series Alan