Monday, 10 April 2017

Cornish Kestrels part 18

Early Breakfast,
When I arrived at our Kestrels nest site early on what was a cold and overcast morning our female kestrel was already off the nest and perched near by at a regular prey hand over point obviously hungry and waiting for breakfast,  Fifteen minutes past without any sign of a delivery and she did not look very impressed,

Some times if you want something done you just have to do it yourself so off she went to do some serious hunting,  She returned to the same spot around 30 minutes later with a young rabbit in her talons,  I was very surprised as this is the first rabbit that I have seen this particular pair of birds tackle in seven years of following them.  Katie looked a lot happier than before and the light levels were very much improved,

She tucked into her breakfast while keeping an eye on me just in case I might try to steal it

Twenty minutes later she was still chomping away but by now was having to break between mouthfuls,

Just one final mouthful and she was looking like a very full bird

She rested for several minutes before picking up the remaining back end of the rabbit, Flew in my direction and stashed it in vegetation just 12 metres in front of me as if to say
"Its all yours" Amazing  !

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