Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cornish Kestrel Part 2

I spent part of my day day at a Kestrel site on the south coast and it was not the lack of shows that eventually ent me home but the cold north winds,   BRRRRR!   Our female Kestrel Kate was there when I arrived But the Male Kevin nowhere to be seen as yet,  Kate chilled out, preened and stretched for nearly an hour in her favourite Tamerisk tree presumable waiting for her mate to turn up with a prey offering but it was not to be.
Katy flies off either to find her mate or her lunch.

She return to the same tree twenty minutes later with a large vole.

Then changes her mind and flies in my direction and lands on a ledge ten yards in front of me,  Thank You!

dismembers the Vole and dispatches it all,   flesh,fur and leg bones all down in just five minutes

After checking through the vegetation finding bits that she had missed she flew back to the original tree

Looking all fluffed up and contented she looked ready for a nap and I was cold and ready to go home to a warming log fire

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