Saturday, 18 February 2017

Early Adder at Trewavas Head

I went to Trewavas Head again pm today looking for adders and peregrine but no show on the way towards Porthleven,  But had a good show from a hunting male kestrel then spent some time with the pair of nesting raven looking for mating images,  No joy with that but recorded plenty of interaction images,  The sun was still shining when I started my return walk so I went via my known adder hot spot for one more recky,

On my arrival I could see immediately that my luck had changed,  An adder was out basking in an area that I had cleared for them over a month ago when looking for a January record sighting,  I set to work at a minimum focal distance of 3.5m trying to get the most from what proved to be a tricky adder portrait but at least its head was in the foreground,

With plenty of shots in the can I decided to try to do a little 'gardening' to clear away some annoying undergrowth but when I did so the feisty adder went straight into strike mode so I backed- off and took a few more images instead,  'Thank you Feisty Adder!'

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