Sunday, 5 February 2017

Cornish Kestrel

Ever since moving to Cornwall during 2010 I have been following a pair of Kestrel that have so far raised twenty four fledgling from a nest site on the south coast., 
This year will be my seventh year of following this pair of Kestrel,  They are known to my wife and I as Kevin & Kate and having only started this blog recently I have decided to produce an ongoing report of their activities while hopefully producing another fine clutch of fledglings this year,  This project started today with Kate being seen at the nest location using the same favoured perch points as last year to rest and warm up in the afternoon sun,

After resting up and preening for well over an hour Kate is seen limbering up and wing stretching which is a sure sign that she will soon be off hunting, and moments later the image below shows the take-off.

Kevin has been seen around the nest site but was not present during today's brief watch,  But I have a photographic record of them mating at the nest site on the 15th February last year so I do not believe it will be long before we have them re-bonding again,

The above image is last years first recorded mating of 2016 on the fifteenth February so watch this space to learn more about the life of  these Cornish Kestrel as they hopefully produce another clutch of fledglings.

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