Wednesday, 8 February 2017

There are two sides to a Grey Heron

I worked with two Grey Heron today and the contrast in behaviour and appearance was amazing!

The first set of three images below was photographed just off of the Hayle causeway bridge in changeable weather conditions this morning and I feel that they portray the Herons sinister hunting nature in the raw,

The Grim Reaper

Makes another strike

And this one may be a bit more than just another mouthful but it marks the end for yet another flounder

By contrast to the above feeding behaviour I worked with another Grey Heron at Marazion Marsh this afternoon in calm sunny conditions and these three images below show the Grey Heron responding to the call to find a mate,

The first requirement seems to be a long soak in the marsh of at least 20 minutes

next comes a quick shake out and a long serious preen of all plumage

Follow this with a little strutting along the marsh margins and the plan seems to be attracting the desired attention, So there may be a few more Grey Heron around next year,  Flounder beware!!

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