Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sixteen Cattle Egret to Loe Pool roost

Following last nights CBSPS report posting Fifteen Cattle Egret at Loe Pool Degibna roost  I decided to try my luck for a few group piccies this evening,  Sure the light levels were low and it was quite misty at times but hey we are talking about white birds here,  I allowed some time to find the roost area and select an optimum viewing area and was just about ready when I saw a flock of gulls heading south from the north end but they weren't gulls they were Cattle egret which headed for and settled into the expected roost area,  This exercise was repeated fifteen minutes later when a further six birds flew in from the same direction,  A few minutes later I had multiple images of sixteen Cattle egrets in one tree.     Thanks to T&M Hasdell for the CBSPS sighting and excellent viewing suggestion

The image below is of a group of twelve Cattle Egret taken around 3.40pm the following evening, They were joined by a further four birds at 4.20 pm

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