Thursday, 23 February 2017

Cornish Kestrel part 5

Its been nine days since I last checked our my Kestrel site up until which time there had been no sign of the male kestrel settling or re-bonding with the female, Well I am pleased to report that 'Kevin' is looking good and seems to be taking more interest in the nest site again as shown in this portrait below which was taken this morning,

He was paying more attention to Kate who was also looking on top form and busy preening feathers in the portrait below, 

Kate's location on the cliff was a little awkward but she adopted a submissive low head stance and called to Kevin to mate,  His response was immediate but unfortunately facing away from the camera,

It was good to see that all was back on coarse for another breeding season and I look forward to following their progress on into the summer.

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