Saturday, 4 February 2017

Marazion Bittern

I visited Marazion Marsh with Bob Sharples at lunch time today and within Half an hour we were joined by David Parker who mentioned that he had just seen a bittern fly across the marsh section between the railway line and Cheshire home,  We talked for a while when ' Hawkeye Bob' called the alert for a possible bittern flying behind the railway treeline and sure enough a bittern lifted above the trees and eventually crossed the track and flew at distance towards the east end of the marsh,  We had all had closer encounters but bittern seem to be in short supply this winter so we must appreciate what we do get especially in the current blustery weather conditions,

A bittern flight along the railway treeline taken from the front marsh central viewing recess

There was little else to view from the front of the marsh following the recent rough weather conditions but a lone Oystercatcher flew in to the near water margins and proceeded to take a bath while providing the opportunity  for the two behaviour shots posted below.

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