Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cornish kestrel part 4

What a beautiful warm sunny  and windless day yesterday turned out to be, Katie was already active and sunning herself when I arrived at her nest site early,

After posing for a few portrait images Kate was off for a little hunting.

She went missing in action for a couple of hours then returned to put on an aerial hunting,hovering and stooping display on the cliffs and fields above her nest site,

Returning to her farourite tree She inspected her prey but seemed reluctant to eat it showing signs that she was already well fed

Flying to one of her local stash points near her nest she buries the vole under vegetation to consume later,  She flies off along the coast to a location where she regularly takes a dust bath but this time its to far away for the camera. she then disappears further along the coast and out of sight until I left seven hours after arriving,  I went home hungry but happy !  Still no sign of her mate settling in!

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