Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Longrock Roe Deer

With good clear weather forecast for early Am today I revisited what is becoming known as the deer field behind Longrock pool, It was a colourful dawn with the wind conveniently blowing towards my chosen viewing point along the high hedgerow of Short Lane,  Three deer were already out of the woodland grazing on the far side of the field which is a bit of a stretch for my 500mm lens in early morning light,  I took a few record shots and waited to see if they moved any closer,  One disappeared into the far hedgerow and the other two slowly and carefully browsed along the hedgerow in my direction,  I spent the next hour taking random images when occasional passing traffic drowned out the sound of my shutter movement and eventually left them still browsing away on the field and hedgerow,  A nice way to start any day!
head up at the sound of a single shutter release

Lush grass

looking relaxed and easy

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