Friday, 10 February 2017

Grey Heron nesting behaviour

I spent some time PM today watching and photographing a Pair of Grey Heron's nesting behaviour near the railway bridge at Marazion Marsh, 
The male returns to the nest with a reed and both birds go through a greeting ceremony to show their approval

The male hands over the reed to the female

The female adds the reed to the ever growing nest which certainly looks a bit small when both birds are on it

When the reed is in place both birds often preen each others plumage and it is at this time that mating often occurs

Not so on this occasion so the male flies off ,  'presumable to find a larger stick!'

I think this Pair of Grey Heron will be worth following especially with their close proximity to the elevated road section near the railway bridge which affords clear views of  the nest site so I shall be checking them out again over the weekend.

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